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    Horror Pc Games

    Online-Einkauf von Games aus großartigem Angebot von Zubehör, Spiele, VR-​Geräte, Herunterladbare Inhalte, Bundles und mehr. "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" gibt es für PC, PS4 und Xbox One. "Silent Hill 2". Wer in der Geschichte der Horror-Games ein wenig bewandert ist. Die besten Resident Evil-Teile. Resident Evil (Remake) Resident Evil 2 (Remake) Resident Evil 3 (Remake) Resident Evil 4. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard.

    Horror gratis: Die gruseligsten kostenlosen PC-Schocker – Bilder CHIP

    worldtablesocceralmanac.com › guides › die-besten-horrorspiele. Vielleicht ist ja etwas für den nächsten Horror-Abend dabei? Hinweis: GAMES of (PS4, PS5, XBOX ONE, XBOX, PC) 4K 60 FPS. Call of Cthulhu.

    Horror Pc Games Phasmophobia Video

    HELLSEED: Chapter 1 Gameplay (New Horror Game 2020)

    Das VIP Treueprogramm hГngt mit insgesamt 29 Horror Pc Games zusammen. - Diese Horrorspiele lassen euer Blut in den Adern gefrieren

    Für Anspannung ist in jedem Frankenslot gesorgt. Call of Cthulhu. Until Dawn: Rush of Blood (VR). Layers of Fear. Dead by Daylight.
    Horror Pc Games
    Horror Pc Games Looking for Horror games to download for free? Here are the top free Horror games for PC for , including Mystery Castle: The Mirror's Secret, Rhiannon: Curse of the Four Branches, Insane Cold: Back to the Ice Age, and more. Download only unlimited full version fun games online and play offline on your Windows 7/10/8 desktop or laptop computer. 5/23/ · With its fast-paced action, excellent graphics and, of course, terrifying zombies; the Resident Evil 3 remake is one of the best horror games on the market and one you absolutely shouldn't worldtablesocceralmanac.com: Vic Hood. 5/28/ · Release Date: September 24, Systems: PS3, Xbox, Xbox , PC Developer: Konami Publisher: Konami. Horror, thy name is Silent Hill worldtablesocceralmanac.com first .

    Horror Pc Games - Resident Evil 2

    Jeder Schauplatz bietet versteckte Hinweise auf die mysteriösen Ereignisse.
    Horror Pc Games As one of the oldest games on Play Slot Machines Real Money list, it has a lot to live up to. New and Trending. Home Games. Not a VR fan? Outlast 2 thrives on jump scares and is relentless in throwing everything it has at those brave enough to play. Browse the newest, top selling and discounted Horror products on Steam New and Trending The Game. Horror, Multiplayer, Survival Horror, Survival%. $ $ Alien: Isolation is a breath of fresh air. So many Western horror games work by learning the AI's path, proceeding accordingly and rely heavily on jump scares that only work the first time. That simply isn't a horror game; that's a crouching/walking simulator that is only effective on the first play-through. Here are the best horror games you should check out on PC, from larger games like Resident Evil to the small indies like Phasmophobia. Discover true scares with our ultimate list of THE 50 scariest horror games that are sure to have you shaking in your seat, including favorites like Manhunt, Fatal Frame, RE7, and 7th Guest. Here are the top 15 new horror games for PC that are certain to send chills down your spine. HellSign HellSign Trailer This investigative, RPG style game will lead you through a small town. Top 15 Movies Like Gretel and Hansel. It will sit on your hard-drive like a gangrenous limb, in need of amputation. In Limbo, you control a little boy as he traverses a series of sinister environments on his quest to find his sister. Mostly, they manage deadly but specific monsters and bizarre items. Release Date : September 24, Systems : Molly Moon Stream Deutsch, Xbox, XboxPC Developer : Konami Publisher : Konami. There's never enough time. This might save her brother from a Is Outlast the scariest game ever? Inspired by Www William Hill works of horror greats Edgar Allan Poe and H. Not content with resting on Shinji Mikami's reputation—he's the man responsible for the best Resident Evil games, as well as God Hand and Vanquish—The Evil Within 2 swaps the purer survival horror of the first game with a more Kzt To Idr world full of grotesque Horror Pc Games at times stomach-churning sights. The monsters were once human too, making killing them somewhere between putting them out of their misery and killing an innocent person — so many innocent people that were manipulated by circumstance and taken advantage of. Dabei versucht ihr, deren Ängste Zeitmanagement Spiele Kostenlos Spielen sie zu verwenden. Download: SCPB. Und jedes Mal, wenn Sie ihn sehen, kommt er ein Stück näher.

    If you think we're at all grandstanding here, please be our guest and give it a try. We'll be hiding behind the couch.

    A rhythm action nightmare in which you play a silver beetle speeding down a track into the mouth of a huge demented boss head. Death comes quickly.

    Miss a couple of turns and you're dashed into a million glittering pieces against the courses metal banks. Miss a beat in the gaze of the ring-shaped guard robots and they'll hurtle towards you, lasers blazing.

    All the while the ambient soundtrack pulses uneasily and the the rhythms become faster, and more erratic. Probably best to play Thumper in short bursts only.

    It was the first game to really push the idea of horror narratives as subjective, fluid and untrustworthy things, with a story that invites interpretation and a semi-sentient city that warps and shifts itself to fit the damaged psyches of its inhabitants.

    The confusing cult nonsense of the first and third games was pushed to the backburner for the more personal story of a psychologically damaged widower battling his way through a foggy purgatory populated by zombie-things, dog-things, and whatever the hell Pyramid Head was.

    Whereas the likes of Silent Hill and Fatal Frame rely on radios to alert players to otherworldly adversaries, Sylvio uses sound, EVP electronic voice phenomenon and audio manipulation as its central ideas.

    Not only that, the game builds its entire gorgeously creepy world around this principle theme as players strive to uncover its backstories, bizarre plot twists, and insights into its unsettling unknown—all of which is backed up by some stellar voice acting.

    Generic first-person horror this ain't, and while it does occasionally force tedious combat set pieces upon players, it thrives in its quirky, idiosyncratic moments that are filled with atmosphere and character and dread.

    Sylvio is a thinking game and is unique within the horror genre. Horror games owe a significant debt to HP Lovecraft, and not just because he's long dead and his work is out of copyright.

    Plenty of games too many, really have included references to his brand of cosmic horror, but Anchorhead is more inspired than most, drawing from several of his novels and stories to tell the tale of the a married couple who have inherited an old mansion in a creepy New England town.

    Lovecraft, The Last Door toys with its players. Slow-paced gameplay and an abundance of puzzles will keep you engaged through this pixelated adventure.

    Gameplay may be simple, but it works in unraveling the mystery of The Last Door. Doki Doki is more of a visual novel, but decisions players make throughout do affect the outcome of the story and lead to one of three possible endings.

    This is especially effective in drawing the player in as characters grow more twisted and unstable and the game undergoes a complete shift in tone.

    Beneath the adorable exterior is an experience that will leave you feeling uncomfortable. Developer: Scott Cawthon Publisher: Scott Cawthon.

    Through pixelated minigames, players are introduced to something sinister in the world of Freddy Fazbear. Developer: Frictional Games Publisher: Frictional Games.

    Right off the bat, Frictional Games ups the tension by making the protagonist unable to defend himself. Then, it thrusts players into a twisted world filled with monsters and other unspeakable horrors.

    Frictional actually made the game fully open source in Developer: Acid Wizard Studio Publisher: Acid Wizard Studio. At first glance, Darkwood may not look like much.

    Quite the contrary, however, as Darkwood features a fleshed out story, a cast of NPCs with differing personalities, and plenty of gameplay elements that help make this an essential survival horror PC game.

    Players explore the semi-open world, scavenging supplies used to craft weapons and support items or build barricades to keep the creatures of the night at bay until the sun rises.

    Which, by the way, the game will do. The top-down camera angle makes jumpscares rare, but the lighting and sound design are fantastic at creating a moody and haunting atmosphere.

    Outlast 2 thrives on jump scares and is relentless in throwing everything it has at those brave enough to play. These Markers carry an alien virus that will convert whatever species it touches into Necromorphs through their corpses.

    The Necromorphs, reanimated dead, spread the virus by attacking the living until they are the only thing left. Together, they form a large enough biomass to make themselves a whole new alien to send out more Markers.

    As the main character, your options are fairly bleak. You can never be sure which is the right decision as the people telling you what to do have rather questionable motives the entire game.

    On top of that, Isaac is constantly tortured by his supposedly dead girlfriend and we are never really sure if she is uninfected or a Necromorph by the end of the game.

    If you like jump scares, alien zombies, and curb stomps, Dead Space is for you. It just does not let up in both violence and narrative twists.

    Release Date : September 8, Systems : PS4, PC Developer : Frictional Games Publisher : Frictional Games. Though all the other games on this list can be terrifying and will have you shaking in your boots, Amnesia is at the absolute top of our picks for the scariest of scary games, with only Fatal Frame as its main competition.

    In this game, not only are you completely weaponless, you are defenseless as well. The monsters will get you in one hit and there is nothing you can do against them but run for your life.

    The catch, as there always is in a horror game, is that they cannot see you if you are in the dark. Problem is, your sanity takes a nosedive if you spend more than a few minutes in complete darkness.

    Your sanity is not just a meter in the top right-hand corner either, your vision gets shaky and your breath quickens until your own panic is all you can hear.

    This mechanic alone is enough to propel the entire game, but there is so much more to Amnesia. You get so wired, the slightest thing will have you turning tail and running like hell.

    Like a torch, you did not light, or a doll suddenly appearing while you were busy checking out the rest of the room. If you can find someone who likes horror games, but has not played Amnesia yet, watching them play will be so pure and hilarious.

    Amnesia, without a doubt, is worth paying money for. Maybe keep the lights on though, and let your heart settle into a more steady rhythm.

    Release Date : October 18, Systems : PC Developer : Monolith Productions Publisher : Warner Bros. This is not a game necessarily out to have you trembling in fear like Amnesia or Silent Hill , but it will keep you on edge.

    Horror will happen, and it will consist of so much more than the little girl at the end of the hallway. The story itself, for example, as plenty of twists and turns like any other Resident Evil game.

    Inspired by John Woo films like Hard Boiled , F. In combat, you have the capability of slowing downtime. This way, each shot counts and you can take your time aiming to really get everyone in the room.

    Not only that, but the world also distorts and explodes around every bullet and grenade, making for beautiful art Michael Bay can only dream of.

    Release Date : December 13, Systems : PS3, Xbox, PS3 Developer : Tecmo Publisher : Tecmo. Fatal Frame is pure Japanese horror in game form.

    If you ever managed to get through the Japanese version of The Ring , you can understand the enormous differences between what Americans think is horror, and what horror really is.

    Fatal Frame has one main mechanic that has since been unmatched in other horror games, your Camera Obscura.

    This fancy camera allows you to attack spirits, but one snap is never enough to do the trick. You must keep the spirit as close to the center of the frame as possible, snap a picture, and then do it again until they are freed or gone entirely.

    In addition, the story is hardly simple. The more you play, the more you discover just how deep and truly terrifying this house you have wandered into is.

    Almost every spirit you encounter is someone else who thought they were going to make it too. Only every time, you find a newspaper clipping or something that tells of their death.

    Each story certainly makes it feel less and less likely that your main character is truly any different, even with your Camera Obscura. Release Date : August 25, Systems : PS4 Developer : Supermassive Games Publisher : Sony.

    Basically the movie Cabin in the Woods , only in game form. A group of eight friends go out to a cabin in the woods for a vacation.

    They have not been there long before the first death occurs and all the characters must strive to survive until dawn.

    The player switches between each of the teenagers, getting to know them and helping them survive in the cabin and outside. There are plenty of decisions along the way as well, some are to stay still and hide, others are to attack and hope for the best.

    Sometimes it works, sometimes you get killed. All of your decisions accumulate to what has been reported as hundreds of possible endings and ways to get there.

    It is possible for the player to keep all the teenagers alive, but it is not easy. Though Until Dawn came out in , the graphics still hold up.

    This is likely because of the cinematic nature of the gameplay. Until Dawn is not a game focused on combat or technical gameplay, but rather on quick-time events, exploration, and collecting information to make future decisions that could mean life or death for the characters.

    Release Date : March 24, Systems : PS4 Developer : FromSoftware Publisher : Sony. If nothing else, the monster designs should have you open-mouthed with something between terror and awe.

    Some monsters are just plain gross, others are grotesquely beautiful, and others still tell a sad story with the way they move and what weapons they use.

    Bloodborne has many layers, everything is there to be read and interpreted as mythology belonging to the world or adding to the story the player hardly knows they are in.

    Bloodborne, just like its predecessor Dark Souls , is not keen on handing out details. The player is given a vague mission with even vaguer morals, yet told not to worry this is the right thing to do.

    Release Date : September 4, Systems : PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC Developer : Red Barrels Publisher : Red Barrels.

    The monsters were once human too, making killing them somewhere between putting them out of their misery and killing an innocent person — so many innocent people that were manipulated by circumstance and taken advantage of.

    In the end, you might feel that you have escaped, but the game inserts doubt so cleverly you will never be sure.

    Interestingly, the mechanic of the camera will reward you with a nearly complete movie of your entire play-through.

    Such a tidbit shows just how much you use the camera and how skillfully the game was designed to make you use it at so many key moments. Release Date : April 25, Systems : PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC Developer : Red Barrels Publisher : Red Barrels.

    It still uses the camera mechanic, and this time, there are no weapons to use. Your only options are to run and hide or the enemies will instantly kill you.

    This becomes a problem when the apparently open world game turns out to be very linear. It wants you to run in a specific direction and hide in a specific place.

    If you do not manage to find that on the first or fifth try, the enemies will see you regardless of how well you think you are hiding.

    Furthermore, the enemy characters are less developed and well designed. However, if you enjoy a story about religious extremism, Outlast 2 is for you.

    Just how scary is Outlast 2? Well, in my opinion, I found it actually more terrifying than the original.

    Rhys disagrees, but I thought it is worth noting. Release Date : November 18, Systems : PS2, Xbox, PC Developer : Rockstar North Publisher : Rockstar Games.

    If Grand Theft Auto was thought to be a violent game, it is a walk in the park in comparison to Manhunt. This is an early game from Rockstar, and remarkably, it still holds up under the test of time.

    Sure, the latter is about hunting one human at a time, but Manhunt is about killing many humans in the most violent and spectacular ways possible.

    You get more points for how brutal or sneaky the attack is, depending on what is demanded of you on that level. That is nothing to say of the sexual aspects involved in some of the levels.

    Capcom did right by it though. The Resident Evil 2 remake is the bar for any and all remakes going forward, transplanting the story and atmosphere of the original into a modern engine.

    A map that tracks your per-room progress is one of many smart tweaks here, as is ditching the iconic but annoying save ribbons for all but the hardest difficulties.

    Whether they remake Resident Evil 3 next or gin up a brand new entry, I'll be there—so long as it plays this smoothly.

    No Code's last project Stories Untold created horror from the mundane, nightmares unfolding while you spooled through microfiche or adjusted the dials on an X-ray machine.

    This time you're aboard a spaceship in Saturn's orbit—or rather, you are the spaceship. You're S. Another one for fans of New Weird, Control certainly isn't the most traditional horror game.

    Hell, it's not even the most traditional horror game made by Remedy. That'd be Alan Wake , of course. But Control draws a lot of inspiration from The Southern Reach Trilogy , from SCP Foundation, from House of Leaves , from The X-Files and Twin Peaks— in other words, from a lot of sources that are horror or at least horror-adjacent.

    It's rarely scary but it's almost always creepy, a pervasive sense of wrongness that arises from every empty office, every blank concrete wall, and It's the type of horror that sits in the back of your mind, like the veil of the world's been torn back just a bit to reveal the abyss gazing through.

    And that's very special indeed. In Supermassive adapted Telltale's style of branching cinematic storytelling to the horror genre.

    The result? PlayStation 4 exclusive Until Dawn , a surprisingly entertaining pulp horror tale about a bunch of ill-fated teens.

    Luckily follow-up The Dark Pictures Anthology is funded by Bandai Namco, and thus free to come to the PC as well. The first chapter is Man of Medan , which retells the story of the real-world ghost ship Ourang Medan —albeit from the perspective of a fresh group of ill-fated twenty-somethings.

    It's part adventure game and part film, as you make dialogue choices and decisions that could keep your characters alive, or result in everyone's death.

    The writing is fairly predictable, and some of the acting a bit wooden, but it's still a fun time trying to outsmart everyone's favorite horror tropes.

    And whatever you do, don't open the coffins. What, are you trying to end up dead? When you're the one holding the controller and making the choices that could mean life or death, every moment is tense and significant.

    Horror games have matured, going beyond simple gore and jump scares. Though these elements still play an important role in the genre, game developers' approach to horror has more nuance than ever.

    What follows is our choice of the best horror games that you can play on PC and consoles today, from recent AAA games to older PC classics.

    So go ahead and scare yourselves silly. We've all watched a teen slasher movie at some point it's hard to escape them but it's a genre that's surprisingly uncommon in the gaming world.

    Probably because it'd be so hard to get it right. Fortunately, Until Dawn is a game that succeeds in combining slasher movie tropes with the video game format.

    This PS4 exclusive game follows a group of teenagers going on a trip to a remote cabin in the mountains where, shockingly, there's a frightening presence interested in picking them off one by one.

    It's up to you to make decisions for the characters in the game which means whether or not they live or die is entirely down to you.

    Make the wrong decision and your favorite could meet a very grizzly end. Until Dawn is a great horror game because, although it'll genuinely scare you, you get a sense it's having a lot of fun doing it.

    The Evil Within series comes from the mind behind Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami — and if that doesn't give you reason enough to pick it up, we're not sure what will.

    This is a third-person survival horror that'll pull you into a nightmarish world populated by grotesque and frightening enemies.

    A sequel, The Evil Within 2, screamed onto shelves in in time for Halloween, with lead Sebastian Castanellos once again taking on dark powers beyond his understanding in the warped reality of STEM.

    In some ways it's regular horror fare: a seemingly idyllic town, dark supernatural forces, and a lost little girl to up the ante. Dead By Daylight stands out in this list by being a horror multiplayer experience: one where a single player takes on the role of a savage serial killer while four others flee for their lives.

    Get ready to turn the lights down low and your volume up high When an outbreak of dangerous and violent monsters happens in a secret laboratory, you must escape from the chaos or die trying.

    Five different factions to play as, including the monsters themselves, makes for unique gameplay each time. The SCP foundation, a fictional science driven organization, is the focal point of this free horror game.

    What does the SCP Foundation do? Your guess is as good as mine. Mostly, they manage deadly but specific monsters and bizarre items. Playing as any one of these factions gives you different goals, and trying to trick your friends when you really want to just use them as bait adds to the addicting and fun gameplay.

    Smile for the camera! You too, SCP This particular monster will kill you if you are in the same room as it, and you blink. So hopefully, all these D-Class and MTF agents are keeping their eyes open.

    Your farm is falling into disrepair. A darkness has taken over the animals, the people, and even your crops.

    There is no hope left in the world. Only the promise of a quiet, sombre death. This visual novel style horror game is packed with a deep, metaphoric storyline and stunning hand drawn graphics.

    This story-heavy game with its branching choices creates the feeling of looking into the mind of someone struggling with depression and addiction while giving you a grey and hopeless landscape to navigate.

    It can be a bit trial and error-ey at times, but that only adds to the pieces of the puzzle waiting for you to unlock them.

    The sound design and dim lighting are both utilized well, and the randomly generating maze makes for fun and easy replayability. The only downside is that this is just a maze game with clues you have to search for while evading the enemy, and not a whole lot else!

    This underground room lit up with moonlight makes it easy to get through, even if you have a torch or not. Underneath the shadow of the first World War, follows a young German soldier as he tries to survive among the chaos.

    Trapped underground, he soon finds that a prehistoric terror is hunting him … and the brutal battlefield above is his only means of escape from being mauled to death.

    The audio cues, atmosphere, and setting are enough to know when you should hide and when you should run for your life. What really makes this a great game is not only the setting, but the way the setting looks.

    Purely black and white backgrounds and imagery is difficult to pull off for any developer, but manages to make it look eerie and not washed out at all.

    Play But what killed him? It was supposed to be easy. It was supposed to be safe. Like a 2D visual novel, but in 3D.

    The scattered decorations and messy bed really make you feel at home. Cute, gory, and full of funny deaths upon the often inebriated campers, this fun little game combines horror with puzzles and different ways to kill your targets.

    It does get kind of repetitive after a while however, so make sure you take breaks in between puzzle chunks.

    Play Death Forest. When you get a cryptic letter from your brother, it becomes your job to find him and save him from his mysterious, otherworldly demise inside of the vast and expansive, supernatural Hotel Beryl.

    Play Trap. Our protagonist stands outside a shady bar, thinking on what got him to this point in his life. Something stalks the hallways of this randomly generated horror game set in twisting corridors.

    Are you quick and smart enough to survive? The controls however are fluid and easy, and considering how good the game looks for the price free!

    Oh, there is one thing to note: This game is notorious for its difficulty level.


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